Making use of Micro.Blog

For a long time I used Micro.Blog for blogging. Since I have decided against, not because I don't like it; but because I like creating my documents on my desktop and don't want to copy paste stuff. Otherwise, Micro.Blog is a great product. The one feature I want to use of there's is the ability to cross-post to Mastodon, BlueSky, Nostr, and hopefully threads some day. It's just tedious to cross-post and it's well worth the five bucks a month not to have to do it.

I will most likely make use of the Bookshelves product also. I really like it and it's companion mobile app Epilouge. It makes it really easy to keep track of books I want to read and those I'm currently reading.

So, though I don't actually do any blogging from there, or social posts really. I do pump this rss feed into it so it cross posts all my new posts frome here and I don't have to worry about it.


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