Long ago, I used to Mud quite a bit. What do I mean by "Mud" you may ask? I mean Multi-User Dungeons, text games through telnet or more advanced clients. Think, World of Warcraft but with words.

Back in the very late 90s till about maybe 2003 I played a Mud called "Vampire Wars" fairly religiously; it was a real blast! True story, I met someone I played that game with in combat in Iraq, super small world syndrome, since there were usually only about 20-30 players ever on at one time.

These days, I miss the Mud. I could play WoW, but I feel if I'm going to waste hours of my week, at least I'll be reading and scripting. Scripting? Why yes, you can script actions and different shortcuts if you have a good client. So I am going to give it a go for a week or so. I do have to find a Mud to join. I stopped by the ole' Vampire Wars server and it was empty. I'll need something with at least a few people on it.

If anyone reads this who Muds feel free to reach out to me and share where you play and the name you go by, maybe we will run into each other.

Cheers! Tim

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