My router and DNS

I currently use an Eero mesh network kit for my home network. For years I have been paying for their $10 a month subscription for advanced services like content filtering and so forth. I'm starting to not see the value in it. It does let you use a custom DNS, so I was thinking of swapping out the paid service and use OpenDNS instead.

Right now I am mainly toying with the idea. I have to do some further investigation to make sure I can do what is needed. If it works out, it will save me $10 a month. Also, I cannot say for sure, but Eero belongs to Amazon, so I don't have a lot of faith in what is being done with all the data leaving my home network. This actually is more of a motivator than the $10.

I'm going to dig into this deeper and will update if I pull the trigger on it.


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