Using the cli in Windows

I've been running Windows full time this week and I'm trying to get more of a cli workflowgoing within it. I use a few cli apps all the time and I'm getting used to them, they are..

I am sure there are other cli apps available on Windows, but it is not cli friendly as Linux or the BSDs. I am using Windows Terminal which has keyboard shortcuts for splitting the panes and moving them around similar to say, tmux would allow, though it isn't a multiplexer.

I also can run multiple different shells with Windows terminal which is nice. I have Ubuntu runnning Bash, then there is nushell, and xonsh. They are all fun to mess around in. I just want the experience to feel more natural. I will keep messing around with it though.

If anyone who uses Windows reads this and knows some nice cli apps for Windows, please share, you can email me here.


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