Been doing some geekery

This week has been pretty productive in the sense of doing stuff that doesn't involve work and is fun for those of us who find installing operating systems fun. I set up a mail server and moved away from Proton. Not that Proton isn't good, I just don't think I have the threat model and using someone elses service get's boring. So, why not? I'm maybe a little loco.

Yesterday I also set up a Yunohost server and setup FreshRSS and Invideous on it. I will throw a couple more services on there later as I decide what I may need.

Also, the other day I threw Crunchbang++ on on old Dell laptop I had. Sometime ago I put a 1tb ssd in it and upgraded it's memory. I am thinking of installing Syncthing on it and using it as a backup device in that way.

I feel more tinkering coming, I just need a little inspiration. Till then, cheers!

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