Thinking about web vs native

I've always been biased towards native applications. I fought the web for some time, heck I fought GUI apps at a time in favor of commandline apps. But as of late I have been having a little bit of a change of heart.

I still like all things native, but I do really see the benefit of the web and it's various technologies. The biggest being lockin, which is what attracts me. If the majority of the applications I use are on the web I don't have to worry if I'm on Windows, Linux, Mac, or whatever comes in the future. There of course are things you always want to keep local and hopefully encrypted for that matter. But working in the web is a huge advantage. It is really the one true cross platform app.

Most of the services I use these days are web services that I try to link to my desktop somehow. I'm now wondering why bother. Many times, especially on Linux, the web is the nicer user experience. Of course there are PWAs and such to give you a little desktop feel when you need it.

I'm not sure I'm completely sold on the web, but I think it is the path of least resistance for sure.

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